How it works

1. Register
By registering, you manage your product inventory and orders. It is completely free. You will be directed to Stripe to enter your information to which account the payments will be made.

2. Orders
Customers can browse your products, place their orders and make payment. You will be able to view your customers’ order details in your seller admin panel.

3. Payment
Payment is made to you directly, minus Texmari’s commission.

4. Delivery
Pack the item for pickup. You don’t need to have freight contracts – we have made the contracts for you. Fill in the shipping location information in the seller’s control panel (Shipit), after which you can print the consignment note for the order.

At the end, customer receives their order.

When adding a new product

Describe the product as clearly as possible.

Do not use names like vegan leather or eco-leather if the product is not vegan or eco.

If your product is a mixture, describe the composition of the material and choose what it is mostly made of as material of your product.

If you sell an assortment of different fabrics in different sizes, take a photo of as many textiles as possible and describe the different sizes of the textiles in the description box.