Thinsulate B200


Thinsulate B200 rulla 30m2

Toote tüüp Rull
Materjal Polüpropüleen
Kanga tüüp Muud
Värv Valge
Sertifikaadid Oeko-Tex standard 100,

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Product details

Thinsulate eristekangas

30m2 rulla Thinsulate B200 eristemateriaalia. 88% polypropyleeniä, 12% polyesteriä. Leveys 152cm.

Kaal 18,5 kg
Mõõtmed 31 × 31 × 152 cm

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You are saving the planet! :)

The production of textiles takes a large amount of natural resources and pollutes waters up to the dyeing and finishing stages. The ecological cost of manufacturing is very high, which is why already produced textiles should be utilized to the maximum.

So by choosing to purchase recycled material, you are saving our dear planet!

- Texmari

    Produced as new material

  • Emissions saved
    + 203.5 kilos of CO2
  • Water saved
    + 5550 litres
  • If treated as waste

  • Burning waste saved
    + 7.4 kilos of CO2
  • Logistical emissions created

  • We calculate this when we know where this material has been shipped.